Agency Hub now uses MEETUP for our events

Instructions for joining the Agency Hub Meetup.

  1. Join Meetup
  2. You can sign up using your email address, or as with many sites these days using facebook or google. To sign up using your email address;
  3. Fill in form as requested (Your name is public. Meetup will use your email address to send you updates, and your location to find Meetups near you. Meetup is a very reputable, worldwide meeting platform used by a huge variety of people to meet likeminded others. A number of us have been members for many years and have found it to be a trustworthy site with variable settings so you can, if you choose, be protected from lots of emails coming in).
  4. If you just want to join the Agency Hub Meetup then you don’t need to list all your interests
  5. It is helpful for you to put a photograph as when we organise Meetups its good to be reminded of who is coming (and faces are easier to remember!)
  6. Set your communication preferences to ensure you only get the emails from Meetup that you want; eg Agency Hub ones

Then to find our Agency Hub Meetup group go to Agency HUB Meetup

or type Agency Hub into the search bar. We have added a couple of questions for people to answer as this site is open to the public. Please answer these and we will approve you as soon as possible. Once you get into the site you will see the events currently scheduled.

If you are one of our regular organisers or want to be then you will be given access as an organiser for your event. That way you can post a description and updates and also see who is coming.


Members of the Agency Hub participating in activities organised by the Hub or any of its members accept that the Hub does not assume responsibility for their safety and that they participate entirely at their own risk. Members who invite guests to participate are responsible for advising them that they likewise participate entirely at their own risk.