Our priorities for 2021

We have refocused our priorities for 2021. This year the steering group’s focus will primarily be on two projects.

1. Finding a small group of members (4 – 10) who would be interested in purchasing an existing small block of houses/units or a small parcel of land on which to develop a mini-cohousing community. We will confirm the area(s) of the Inner West the group is interested in living in, in order to focus the search. We will seek to identify potential partners, builders, investors etc.

2. Setting up a Non-residential Cohousing Group based in Balmain. This would entail people remaining in their own homes and, at the same time, collectively setting up and running the type of community that would be foundational to a bricks-and-mortar cohousing development. It would encompass agreed sharing approaches, decision-making and regular social interactions, such as regular meals together.