Author: Keryn Curtis

I've learned that, as time goes by, patterns emerge and it's much easier to describe yourself in simple terms: I'm a communicator, networker and a creative problem solver! I have worked principally as a communications strategist and consultant, a business writer, journalist, editor, researcher and facilitator. I have a special interest in social policy around health, ageing and disability issues... but I'm also interested in food culture, the arts, architecture and urban planning. I was a graduate in the Commonwealth, spent ten years in corporate PR and I was the founding editor of Australian Ageing Agenda. I have worked as a consultant with hugely diverse audiences and am passionate about tackling ageism and helping to create and maintain sustainable age-friendly communities. More recently I have become a 'policy wonk' and advocacy campaigner on these issues with The Benevolent Society. In my spare time, I'm a founding member of a cohousing group in Balmain, Sydney, we call The AGEncy Project. I'm also a passionate board director of The Arts Health Institute. Alas, I sometimes find I have bitten off more than I can chew... In any case, these posts are my own thoughts.