Submissions to the Bays West Master Plan

Agency Cohousing and Community has made submissions to the Bays West Master Plan. This cohousing proposal is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to provide an alternative and integrated housing model for seniors in the Inner West.

We believe that there is an opportunity for the State Government to take a leadership role in our critically changing demography for which there is currently a lack of visionary answers for seniors at the federal level.

The model aligns with many of the stated principles in the Draft Bays West Place Strategy. It supports the existing community, offers a chance to address social needs and diversity in types of tenure and is designed in conjunction with the people who will be living there. Residents manage cohousing developments themselves and often get involved in the design process to ensure that the type and mix of private and shared space meets their collective needs and vision.

Read our latest submission.

Read the original submission.